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Ports of Jersey Surveys
The Ports of Jersey may hold the most bunkers in their care. We are working with them to record every WW2 site at each of the Ports. 


Bunker Digitisation 
We LiDAR scan all the WW2 sites we can. Click below to see what we have done.

Our HQ from above.jpg

Greve de Lecq Tower Project 
In 2020 we started working to maintain the tower and set it up for public visiting with the support of Jersey Property Holdings

My view right now  #wwii #ww2 #bunker #d

Ho5 Tunnel Survey
Ho5 may be one of the most extensive German WW2 Tunnels in Jersey and used for munition storage (2,000 tons!)


WW2 Database 
We are attempting to record all of the WW2 sites on Jersey. Click below to see our progress. 

Elizabeth castle.jpg

Elizabeth Caste Survey
Take a look at the surviving WW2 
fortifications at Elizabeth Castle


My view right now  #wwii #ww2 #bunker #d

Ho19 Survey & Maintenance 
80% of this tunnel was not used after the war and our project aims to document and maintain this unique site. 


Squadron 34 Project 
One of the largest losses of life during the occupation was from a battle between the US and German Navy.  Discover more. 


Strongpoint Plemont Project 
In 2014 we started working with the National Trust for Jersey and the CIOS on assisting in finding the location of WW2 Bunkers at Plemont.  

Thank you for visiting, more coming soon! 

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