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Elizabeth Castle
WW2 Survey

In July 2016 Jersey War Tours (JWT) asked Jersey Heritage (JH) if they could do a full WWII survey of Elizabeth Castle. JH has kindly agreed and offered support for our work. This survey only looks at the period between 1940 to 1945, which is a tiny space of time in the grand history of the castle. It must be remembered that although this period is our main area interest, JH also has to maintain the castles other 300+ years of history. Our hope is that in the next few years our ideas and advice may help preserve these important sites and improve the castle for visitors interested in the Second World War. 

Our survey aims were as follows:

• Digitally document all of the remaining the WWII sites and their current state 
• Provide research and document what they were used for 
• Make a recommendation for preservation and maintenance 
• Offer ideas for interpretation 

This is a live survey and this page and will be updated regularly with our progress. 

The Survey team in 2017 was as follows:

Kimberley Bichard (JWT Research Team)
Phil Marett (JWT Research Team)
Jonathan Bull, Jersey Detectorists (Local historian and researcher)
Malcolm Amy, Fortifications Co-ordinator & Vice President of the CIOS (Local historian and researcher)


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