Hohlgangsanlage 5 (Ho5)

"Hohlgangsanlage" are a number of tunnels complexes constructed by the German forces using slave and forced labour during the Occupation. The tunnels would have had multiple roles from munitions storage, troop & equipment shelter, hospitals and many other functions. Hohlgangsanlage 5 or Ho5 was a built inside a Jersey railway tunnel and was the only tunnel complex to be finished by the Germans. It was intended to be used as a fuel store but was instead used to store artillery ammunition. The anti-blast wall would have housed a machine gun for an entrance defence. The map overlay is not to scale but gives you an idea of the site. Many thanks to the States of Jersey for allowing access.

Full progress and all research work is only available to members at this time, visiting our space in the tunnel is only available to members too.

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