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HO19 Project

Welcome to the HO19 project site. Our aims are to research and protect this WW2 Tunnel found in Jersey in the Channel Islands. This Tunnel is part of the German Nazi-era fortifications and was built using forced and slave labour. The funding of the project has been made possible by you! either by joining us on a war tour or from donations. However, we are a long way from done and any additional support will help secure further work here and help to secure this important historical site. 

 As this is going to be a very large project you can use the menu buttons above to navigate this website.


If any businesses would like to support us we are looking for sponsors and donations are kindly welcomed! Currently, we wish to instal a large garden type shed to keep our equipment dry and secure. 

Below is the location and also the digital layout of the tunnel. At this point, we believe there to be a second part of the Tunnel that we are referring to as HO20 and coloured in the overlay in orange. 

Ho19 Lidar overlay.png

Ho19 Maintenance


When we started this in May 2016, it is important to note that all but the first 25 meters (government section) of the tunnel was severely flooded and had not been used since the war. The first section is actively used by The Department for Infrastructure, who have been very supportive of our work and huge thanks go out to them for this. The rest of the 200 meters of the tunnel is now our responsibility under a longterm licence, and for every hour of research we get done, there is probably three hours of maintenance required. The majority of our sections of the tunnel are actually unlined passages and water is always moving through the rock. Below is an album of photos of our efforts to get the flooding under control. Our original plan, though rewarding, was to move the water in buckets manually. We then set up a suction system that slowly brought down the levels and finally moved to motorised pumps. 

Walkthrough of the tunnels, don't forget the first section (25m) is the government's side.


Below are some photos from when its dry! 

Below gives you a good idea of just how much some of the tunnel can flood by

kimbo flood.jpg