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The Road to Liberation - 22nd January 1941

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Occupation Focus

Above (top) is the German Resistance Nest Fliquet Found on the North East coast. Fliquet Tower was constructed before 1790s and is believed to have been constructed to the same design as St Catherine Tower. At some point, the mâchicoulis were removed reducing the height of the tower. During the Occupation, the Germans modified the area including the tower. They made use of a telephone cable running ashore from France, please see our blog from the 31st July 1940 to read about the cable. Weapons and Equipment

One light Machine Gun 34 One heavy Machine Gun 34 One 5cm Russian mortar One 10.5cm French gun One 40cm hand searchlight One flare apparatus

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80 years ago today in Jersey 22nd January 1941

Several ships arrived having come from Cherbourg to now birth in St Helier Harbour. This was the reason for local vessels to be removed from the Harbour which was ordered on the 15th of January.

Germans warn occupiers of buildings in the vicinity of the Harbour to protect their windows.

German Court passes sentence of five years in connection with the rape of local women by two German soldiers in St. Martin's on November 26th, 1940.


Further afield

22nd January 1941

Tobruk, Libya

Tobruk surrenders to British and Australian troops who capture 25,000 Italians, along with 208 guns and 87 tanks. Combined British and Australian losses were about 450. The British government now orders Wavell’s XIII Corps to capture Benghazi.

Italian Cruiser San Giorgio had been used as a flak ship in Tobruk harbour. She had been damaged by RAF bombers but her guns continued to defend against the tank attack she was scuttled on the 80 years ago today.