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Explore Jersey's spectacular North or South Coast on a Jersey Seafari RIB with us as your guides. We are going to tell you fascinating true stories from both Islanders and the Allied forces caught up in the Occupation and Liberation of the Channel Islands. Being so close to the Normandy coast we will also help you understand the history of the D-Day invasion and will provide insight into what actually went on in the Island during this time. 


  • Unique opportunity to take photos of the Fortifications from WW2 from the sea

  • On the north coast, tour visit the landing site of the only Allied Commando Raid on Jersey

  • On the south coast, we explore the area of the largest Battle for the US Navy's  Motor Torpedo Boats in world war two.

  • Interactive guiding of the Coastal Batteries, Strongpoints and Resistance nest Built during the Occupation 

  • Carefully researched stories covering local and Allied WW2 stories from raids, crashes, battles and invasion


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