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The Road to Liberation - 18th April 1941

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This morning we have our first rib boat tour of the season and are looking forward to revisiting some key areas for Allied losses in Jersey during WW2. Paying our respects, education and sharing the story of those who can not, are the reasons why we do this. Thank you all again for your continued support.

We are a little bit behind on responding to some of the messages, emails and comments but hope to catch up next week so apologies for the delay.

Above is a WW2 German observation post in Bonne Nuit bay connected to La Crête Fort, as seen from the North Coast Boat tour.


80 years ago today in Jersey 18th April 1941

Today would be the 292nd day of the Islands Occupation with 1,482 days remaining.

A two-ounce ration of cooking butter to be issued for one week in addition to the usual 2 ozs. Department of Agriculture issues first list dealing with the prices of plants and plant seeds. German Harbour authorities demand a security deposit of 100 reichsmarks from fishermen for motor and sailing boats and 50 reichsmarks for rowing boats see below:


Further afield this day 80 years ago

18th April 1941

The commonwealth graves commission record 361 deaths this day 80 years ago, the average age was 26.

Above 80 years ago today an R.A.F burial party leaving Thorney Island aerodrome en-route to St. Nicholas Churchyard (Hall) with the Crew of a Junkers Ju 88A-5 (6025) of 2 Staffel./Kampfgeschwader 54. This aircraft is reported to have been shot down by A.A. fire during an attack on Portsmouth. It dived into the ground and blew upon impact.


The United States declared that the Pan-American Security Zone, last defined with the 3 Oct 1939 Declaration of Panama, to be extended to 26 degrees west longitude, 2,300 nautical miles east of New York on the east coast of the United States. It was just 50 nautical miles short of Iceland, which was a major Allied convoy staging area.

Admiral Ernest J. King, commander in chief, U.S. Atlantic Fleet, ordered U.S. ships and planes to attack any Axis ship within 25 miles of the Western Hemisphere on the assumption it was hostile.

Luftwaffe Action

There was considerable enemy air activity off the east and south-east coasts of the UK on the night of the l7th-18th April. Some of these aircraft were believed to have been minelaying.