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The Road to Liberation - 13th January 1941

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We aim to blog every day and share what happened in Jersey 80 years ago. We plan to include a brief further afield post on what was happening this day in the second world war, an update on what we are up to and highlight some of the Occupations sites here and in Normandy. We named this project "The Road to Liberation". This project will run-up to the 80th Liberation celebrations in 2025.

This week we have added a search option, and we have some work ahead of us to get the archive blogs moved over to this new home.

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Occupation Focus

Above (top) is the German Resistance Nest Sorel A it forms together with the Resistance Nest Sorel B the Strongpoint Sorel. It lies on the north coast between St John’s Bay and the Bay of Grève de Lecq. More photos, maps and info on the blue link.

80 years ago today 13th January 1941

Today would be the 197th day of the Islands Occupation with 1,577 days remaining.

" Important notice issued affecting societies and clubs ; those with permission to function temporarily must furnish all particulars of activities and lists of members, but annual meetings of limited liability companies are allowed to take place. A deputation from various clubs waited upon the German authorities. Only one cinema is allowed to have a matinee every afternoon of the week. Owing to the shortage of milk the public is urged to economize, and supplies to restaurants and cafés are cut."

Leslie Sinel

Civilian at the Evening Post


Further afield