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WN Sorel A

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The Resistance Nest Sorel A forms together with the Resistance Nest Sorel B the Strongpoint Sorel. It lies on the north coast between St John’s Bay and the Bay of Grève de Lecq

3d Scan of a Sorel A Shelter here:


Four NCOs and sixteen Other Ranks

German Record Details

4 x le.MG 34
2 x s.MG 34
2 x 8cm Gr.W.
1 x Scherenfernrohr
2 x 5cm Gr.W. 210 (f)
6 x Abw.Flammenwerfer 42
6 x Alarmschussgeräte HS
1 x 60cm Scheinwerfer.

Weapons and Equipment

Four light Machine Gun 34’s
Two heavy Machine Gun 34
Two 8cm mortarsA
One binocular periscope
Two 5cm French mortars
Six defence flamethrowers
Six alarm flare apparatus
One 60cm searchlight

Objective and Function (translated)

The Resistance Nest Sorel A has orders to prevent enemy landings using all weapons. Enemy air landings in the Platoon Sector Sorel are to be destroyed by counter attack. By enemy attack in Bonne Nuit Bay work in co-operation with Resistance Nests Bonne Nuit and Jasmin. By land attack work together with Sorel B.

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