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The Road to Liberation - 11th January 1941

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Occupation Focus

Above (top) is the German Strongpoint Victoria Tower This tower is a Martello and was the last tower to be built in Jersey. It was constructed in 1837 and named after Queen Victoria to commemorate her accession to the throne. Victoria Tower would have been one of the first military buildings to be constructed under the reign of the newly crowned queen. In WW2 the Germans heavily armed Victoria Tower and equipped it with flame-throwers and machine-guns. The tower also had an anti-aircraft position mounted on the roof.

Weapons and Equipment

Three light Machine Gun 34’s (two also with heavy Machine Gun mounts)

Two 5cm French mortars

Two 20cm spigot mortars

Two 3.7cm Anti-Tank guns

One 4.7cm Czechoslovakian Anti-Tank gun mounted with a Machine Gun mounted on a revolving platform One medium flamethrower

One 40cm searchlight

One 150cm searchlight

Two light Machine Gun 34’s of the Artillery

Two Machine Gun 08’s of the Artillery

Three 2cm Anti-Aircraft guns of the Navy

80 years ago today 11th January 1941

Today would be the 195th day of the Islands Occupation with 1,579 days remaining.

The eating of more potatoes is advised due to shortages. Appeal made for old or unserviceable clothing.


Further afield

11th January 1941