STP Victoria Tower


This tower is a Martello, and was the last tower to be built in Jersey. It was constructed in 1837, and named after Queen Victoria to commemorate her accession to the throne. Victoria Tower would have been one of the first military buildings to be constructed under the reign of the newly crowned queen.

The purpose of the tower was to prevent the enemy landing at Anne Port and to prohibit access to Mont Saint Nicolas, thus safe-guarding Mont Orgueil. Following a survey of the island's fortifications by Lieut.-Colonel G. G. Lewis (the Commanding Officer of the Royal Engineers), in 1831, the Defence Committee ordered a series of forts to be built. The tower was constructed under the guidance of Lieutenant-Colonel K. H. Oldfield, the Commanding Engineer in Jersey.

During the 20th century, the German occupying forces also fortified this hill-top, but most of their works are now inaccessible. The requisitioned land was used as the headquarters for the 2nd Battalion Artillery Regiment 3, who built 3 bunkers. One had eight rooms and was used as a telephone exchange. The others were 2 roomed and served as sleeping quarters for the troops. The Germans heavily armed Victoria Tower and equipped it with flame-throwers and machine-guns. The tower also had an anti-aircraft position mounted on the roof.

Information Source: National Trust for Jersey.

Troop Numbers 

Four NCOs and twenty-four Other Ranks. Reserve: Three officers, eleven NCOs and thirty-six Artillery Other Ranks and one NCO and twenty Naval Ratings.

Troop Weapons 

3 x le.MG 34 (2 als s.MG eingesetzt)

Static Weapons and Equipment

2 x 5cm Gr.W.210(f), 2 x 20cm le.Lad.Werfer, 2 x 3,7cm Pak, 1 x 4,7cm Pak K/36 (t) mit MG gekoppelt, 1 x m.Flammenwerfer, 1 x 40cm Scheinwerfer, 1 x 150cm Scheinwerfer (Haus Garenne), 2 x le.MG 34 d.Art., 2 x MG 08 d.Art., 3 x 2cm Flak 38 d.Marine.

Battle Orders & Commands 

The Strongpoint Victoria Tower has in particular orders to defend Gorey Harbour and Anne Port Bay from enemy landings from the sea and through fire to prevent attack from land and air. Additional defence with infantry. The Battalion Command Post of II/Artillery Regiment 319 and the Radio Location Apparatus (RADAR) of the Navy. By attack against Gorey Harbour work together with Resistance Nest Gorey Harbour, by attack against the Strongpoint work together with the Artillery and Navy

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