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The Road to Liberation - 25th January 1941

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80 years ago today in Jersey 25th January 1941

Milk shortage prompts the below appeal to producers.

Curfew altered again to 11 pm to 6 am (outside of the Mitirised zone.)

The first prosecution is recorded in the royal court for cyclists riding two abreast.

Today would be the 209th day of the Islands Occupation with 1,565 days remaining.


Further afield

25th January 1941

The commonwealth graves commission record 82 deaths this day 80 years ago, the average age was 23.

RAF Action

8 Blenheim Bombers sent to oil targets in Holland but turned back due to poor weather.

In the past week 80 years ago Fighter Command flew 155 patrols involving 351 sorties by day and one by night; hostile activity by day. was reduced and consisted of a total of 155 aircraft, of which 95 were engaged on reconnaissances. Raids by single aircraft were plotted during daylight in a number of widely separated districts. No interception by our fighters was effected, but two enemy aircraft were destroyed by anti-aircraft fife. On five nights no bombing occurred, but, 80 years ago tonight, German attacks were made on the South-Western Counties. The damage was done by Parachute Mines at St. Ives, Cornwall, and at St. Eval aerodrome, where some R.A.F. personnel were killed.

Released 80years ago today was an updated list of British Shipping Losses and cause.