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The Road to Liberation - 24th January 1941

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80 years ago today in Jersey 24th January 1941

The German Field Commander of Jersey revokes the curfew for the non-military zone.

Today would be the 208th day of the Islands Occupation with 1,566 days remaining.


Further afield

24th January 1941

RAF Action

On the 24th January, a Coastal Command Beaufort attacked the oil refinery at St. Nazaire, but was unable to observe results. Four Beauforts bombed the docks at Lorient on the night of the 24th/25th January with inconclusive results.

North Africa

All Italian outposts surrounding Tobruk, Libya were captured by the Allies. Meanwhile, en route to Derna, Libya, British 7th Armored Division encountered units of the newly organized Italian Special Armoured Brigade and defeated them near Mechili, destroying 9 Italian tanks at the cost of 7 British tanks.

A British Matilda tank on its way into Tobruk, displaying an Italian flag, 24 January 1941. This is photograph E 1772 from the collections of the War Museums (collection no. 4700-32).


German submarine U-123 sank Norwegian ship “Vespasian” with a torpedo 200 miles west of Ireland at 2148 hours, killing the entire crew of 18.