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WN Fort Aubin

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St. Aubin's Fort is a small walled fortification 500 metres off shore in St. Aubin's Bay. The first fort was built in 1542. In the beginning it served to protect the harbour from pirates, and in later years was developed as part of the island defences during the many Franco English wars. Major alterations were made in the 19th C. and during the WWII Occupation of Jersey, 1940-45, the Germans added concrete bunkers and
gun emplacements.

Jägerstand Casemate for a 10.5cm K331(f)

APX-R tank-turret which housed a 3.7cm KwK 144(f). This was removed and moved to the CI Occupation Museum.

2x FT 17 tank-turret which housed a MG 311 (f) Both now gone, one installed in Batterie Moltke and the other destroyed.

Type 628 Personnel Shelter, this was the only 628 type built on Jersey, 1 of only 28 built in Occupied Europe.


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