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The Road to Liberation - 23rd February 1941

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We are rebuilding the 3d survey page on the website so for the regular visitors, it will be back soon. We had a request from Jimmy to share again the 3d scan of the Infantry Commanders Bunker at Kernwerk, so please see it in the Occupation focus section of today's blog.

The Command bunkers are a great reminder of the useless large complex built on Jersey during the second world war. Ultimately draining resources, troops and equipment from the German military forces and reducing the number of bunkers our parents and grandparents had to fight over during the allied invasion of France in 1944.

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80 years ago today in Jersey 23rd February 1941

Today would be the 238th day of the Islands Occupation with 1,536 days remaining.


Further afield

23rd February 1941

The commonwealth graves commission record 187 deaths this day 80 years ago, the average age was 29 .

RAF Action

35 Wellingtons and 17 Blenheims Bombers sent to Boulogne. The Blenheims were recalled but 26 Wellingtons bombed. 1 Wellington lost.

Minor Operations: 16 Whitleys and 1 Blenheim to Calais, 3 Blenheims to Den Helder and 6 O.T.U. sorties to Paris. No losses.


British monitor HMS Terror (below) sank off the Libyan coast at 0420 hours after receiving fatal damage from German aircraft on the previous day.