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The Road to Liberation - 20th December 1940

Good morning everyone

Hope you are all having a great weekend and Christmas shopping is not getting you down, thoughts go out to the folks in the UK who have just been told that Christmas will be very restricted, I think we are potentially about to get the same news in Jersey.

Right now as a non-profit organisation, we are stuck. Our funding is made from tours, we can not operate them due to the COVID restrictions and this also means we can not let members come and help. So far we are keeping up with the maintenance costs but there may be a few donations that could be very useful for January. Below is a link to an Amazon wish list of equipment we need, not specifically looking for money but more so supplies, but please only help if you're financially ok to do so.

Have a fantastic Sunday!



Below is a small list of what else was there and more maps and photos on the website.

One Light Machine Gun

Two Heavy Machine Gun 34

Two Heavy Machine Gun 34 in a turret

One Automatic Mortar in a turret

Two 10.5cm French gun

Three Defence flamethrowers

One 60cm Searchlight

One Anti-tank rocket


Occupation Focus

80 years ago today 20th of December 1940

Today would be the 173rd day of the Islands Occupation with 1,601 days remaining.

Not much in the local diary today so below are some of the December orders issued by the German forces


Further afield

80 years ago today

20th of December 1940

80 years ago today two Supermarine Spitfires of No.66 Squadron inaugurate Rhubarb offensive sweeps (small-scale fighter or fighter-bomber attacks on enemy ground targets) over France with a sortie against Le Touquet.


The December book recommendation is "The Americans on D-Day."

This book has 450 dramatic photographs captured in northern France during the first day and week of its liberation and is available on kindle! Click the photo to find out more. It also would make a fantastic Christmas Present.

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