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The Road to Liberation - 15th December 1940

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Strongpoint Plemont (above), during the Occupation Plemont headland, was a key defence area covering the communications cable to Guernsey. More information, maps and photos on our website link.

Four light Machine Guns

One Heavy Machine Gun

Two 5cm mortar

One 20cm Spigot mortar

One FT17 Tank Turret with 3.7cm & Machine Gun

Five Defence flamethrowers

One APX Tank Turret with Machine Gun

One Anti-Aircraft Machine Gun Mount

40cm searchlight

60cm searchlight


Occupation Focus

80 years ago today 15th of December 1940

Today would be the 168th day of the Islands Occupation with 1,606 days remaining.

"A young man sentenced to a month imprisonment by the Germans for reading a pamphlet dropped by the R.A.F. Soap is now being made locally, and German periodicals are at the Public Library. "

Leslie Sinel

Civilian working at the Evening Post


Further afield

80 years ago today

15th of December 1940

British submarine HMS Thunderbolt (above) sank Italian submarine Tarantini off the Bay of Biscay, France. There were no survivors.

HMS Thunderbolt (N25) was a T-class submarine originally called HMS Thetis. Thetis sank during sea trials on 1 June 1939 with 4 survivors out of 103 people on board. The boat was raised, repaired, and commissioned in 1940 as HMS Thunderbolt and was sunk on 14 March 1943 by the Italian corvette Cicogna.


The December book recommendation is "The Americans on D-Day."

This book has 450 dramatic photographs captured in northern France during the first day and week of its liberation and is available on kindle! Click the photo to find out more. It also would make a fantastic Christmas Present.

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