STP Plemont

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After the Germans arrived in July 1940 they quickly set up defensive positions across the Channel Islands. The troops of the 216th Infantry Division who would have set up field emplacements at Plemont. The area was an important site as the communication cable to Guernsey was there. It also was a holiday camp which would have been useful for billeting the soldiers.

In 2014 we were asked by The National Trust For Jersey (NT) if we could help them with documenting their work in returning the Plemont site back to nature. Plemont was a large Strongpoint during the Occupation and later became the site of an abandoned and derelict Pontins Holiday Camp. The land was purchased by the trust with the aim to return it back to nature as well as protecting the WWII fortifications that remained. We quickly agreed to help and were given unrestricted access to the site for this purpose as well as the NT allowing us to produce a full research page of the site. We worked closely with the developers, through the trust, as well as others providing details of where we believed some of the lost bunkers to be. It was important to us that we found all of the remaining bunkers to make sure the demolition of the holiday camp did not also take out a bunker. Our work below shows what a great job the National Trust have done and we are also glad to report that from our work we were able to save one of the bunkers from being lost forever.


Four Officers and 28 personnel

German Record Details

4x le.MG 34
1x s.MG 34
2x 5cm Gr.W.(f)
1x 20 Cm Ladungswerfer
1x Kw.K 3.7cm mit MG.311(f)
5x Abwehrflammenwerfer 42
1x MG.311 (f) i.Pz.Fr.T
1x Zwillingsockel
1x 60 cm Scheinwerfer
1x 40 cm Scheinwerfer

Weapons and Equipment

Four light Machine Guns
One Heavy Machine Gun
Two 5cm mortar
One 20cm Spigot mortar
One FT17 Tank Turret with 3.7cm & Machine Gun
Five Defence flamethrowers
One APX Tank Turret with Machine Gun
One Anti-Aircraft Machine Gun Mount
40cm searchlight
60cm searchlight

Objective and Function (translated)

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