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The Road to Liberation - 12th January 1941

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Occupation Focus

Above (top) is the German Resistance Nest Fort Henry is found on the east coast of Jersey on the grounds of the Royal Golf Course. More photos, maps and info on the blue link.

Weapons and Equipment

One light Machine Gun 34

Two light Machine Gun 34’s (also with heavy machine Gun mounts)

Three heavy Machine Gun 34’s [six-loophole turret for heavy MG’s]

Two 5cm French mortars

Two 10.5cm French guns (casemated)

Two medium flamethrowers

Eight defence flamethrowers

Two 30cm searchlights

One 40cm searchlight

One 60cm searchlight

80 years ago today 12th January 1941

Today would be the 196th day of the Islands Occupation with 1,578 days remaining.

No accounts, diaries or photos 80 years ago today.


Further afield

12th January 1941

RAF Action

26 Hampdens and Wellingtons Bombers to Brest

21 Blenheims to airfields in France,

9 Wellingtons to Italy

3 Wellingtons to Regensburg

8 Hampdens minelaying off Brest and Lorient

3 O.T.U. sorties.

1 Wellington lost from the Italian raid.