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The Road to Liberation - 12th February 1941

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We aim to blog every day and share what happened in Jersey 80 years ago. We plan to include a brief further afield post on what was happening this day in the second world war, an update on what we are up to and highlight some of the Occupations sites here and in Normandy. We named this project "The Road to Liberation". This project will run-up to the 80th Liberation celebrations in 2025.

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80 years ago today in Jersey 12th February 1941

Today would be the 227th day of the Islands Occupation with 1,547 days remaining.

Changes to rationing issued to today 80 years ago.


Further afield

12th February 1941

The commonwealth graves commission record 310 deaths this day 80 years ago, the average age was 25.

UK Waters

H.M. Drifter Eager destroyed a German Ju. 88 which attacked her in the Thames'Estuary


A homeward-bound convoy from Sierra Leone was shelled by a surface raider, probably a Hipper Class cruiser, 640 miles West of Cape St. Vincent at 1135 on the 12th February.

During the period the 6th to 12th February, 17 ships, a total of 50,944 tons, have been reported sunk and of these 12 ships (37,540 tons) were British. - Seven ships (26,530 tons) were sunk by U-Boat and nine (23,913 tons) by aircraft. One small vessel was sunk off the East Coast by enemy E-Boat. There were no losses from mines, Thirteen ships are reported damaged, including nine British; of the total, eight were damaged by air attack and five by mine.

During the week ending Wednesday, 12th February, 853 ships, including 140 Allied and 22 Neutral, were convoyed of which six were lost. Since the commencement of hostilities, the number of vessels convoyed has been 52,940, including 6,136 Allied and 4,371 Neutral of which 230, including 30 Allied and 19Neutral, have been lost. This gives ratios of losses to numbers convoyed of British 1 in 234, Allied 1 in 207, Neutral 1 in 230, total 1 in 230. One battleship, two cruisers, six-armed merchant cruisers, forty-six destroyers, forty-two


H.M. Submarine Utmost (below) attacked an escorted convoy of three ships in the vicinity of Tripoli and obtained a hit on a ship of 8,000 tons, which was last seen with her stern awash. H.M. Submarine Rover, off the south coast of Italy, successfully attacked an enemy tanker.