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The Road to Liberation - 19th December 1940

Good morning everyone

Aims for the weekend is to get some gun cleaning done, service the tower dehumidifiers and put some time into research.

For the local members, we are going to have to stop our planned teamwork at the tunnels and tower following government guidance, this hopefully is temporary. We will continue to work on our own till the covid situation gets better.

Enjoy your Saturday!



Below is a German Map of Radio Stations in Great Britain and Ireland as of October 1st 1940. What's interesting is the inclusion of the Occupied islands

Jersey has listed:

A coastal radio station with a tracking transmitter

Commercial aviation ground radio station

German Naval Radio Station

We have added this to the map page in high-resolution ou can download a full copy here.


Occupation Focus

80 years ago today 19th of December 1940

Today would be the 172nd day of the Islands Occupation with 1,602 days remaining.

" Notice issued by the Department of Essential Commodities dealing with coal, etc., all distributors having to obtain a licence. A welcome increase in the meat ration is announced for Christmas week, from 12 to 16 ozs. A few highly-priced turkeys have arrived from France. "

Leslie Sinel


Further afield

80 years ago today

19th of December 1940

M.V. Arinia (London)

80 years ago today British tanker ARINIA was sunk on a mine eight miles east, southeast of Southend Pier. 55 Crew were lost with only one survivor.

Below is a video from 1948 of the work done to clear the Arinia wreck in the estuary


The December book recommendation is "The Americans on D-Day."

This book has 450 dramatic photographs captured in northern France during the first day and week of its liberation and is available on kindle! Click the photo to find out more. It also would make a fantastic Christmas Present.

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