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The Road to Liberation - 18th January 1941

Good morning everyone

The weekend exploring did not go as planned as we have been hit with a nasty flood in one of the tunnels (see photo below), the recent weather overwhelmed our pumps. Normally with your help its a job for many hands, but unfortunately we are classed as non-essential so we can not allow others into our sites at the moment. I am happy to report that two days of work and we have it under control again. There was time for a quick live video tour of the tower and then the armoury via TikTok thank you for those who joined in.

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Occupation Focus

Above (top) is the Artillery Gun Graveyard, Les Landes. In 1946, after the British Army dismantled the World War Two German gun batteries in Jersey, 29 guns were thrown from off the cliffs at Les Landes (list below). Batterie Haesler, 4 x 15cm K18 field guns Batterie Schiefflen, 4 x 15cm K18 field guns Batterie Mackensen, 3 x 21cm Morser 18 howitzers Batterie Lothringen, 4 x 15cm Skl/45 Ship gunsr Batterie Roon, 4 x 22cm K532 (f) field guns Batterie Moltke, 4 x 15.5cm K 418 (f) field guns Batterie Ludendorff, 3 x 21cm Morser 18 howitzers Batterie Hindenburg, 3 x 21cm Morser 18 howitzers 7 of the guns have been brought back up for display across the channel islands.

As always, much more information on the blue link


80 years ago today in Jersey 18th January 1941

Today would be the 202nd day of the Islands Occupation with 1,572 days remaining.

Below are two orders from the German Commandant that were registered by the Royal Court 80 years ago today


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