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WN Archirondel

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Archirondel Tower is one of Twenty-three Conway towers built between 1778 and 1801. The tower was completed in 1794. Only Archirondel, Seymour and La Rocco Towers are built like this containing a gun battery at the foot of the tower. In the Second World War it was modified to form a resistance nest.


One Officer, two NCOs and fifteen Other Ranks

German Record Details

1 x le.MG 34
1 x 5,2cm Gr.W. (r)
2 x s.MG 34
1 x Zwillingssockel
1 x 3,7cm KwK
1 x 7,5cm Pak
1 x m.Flammenwerfer
4 x Abwehrflammenwerfer 42
1 x 30cm Inf.-Scheinwerf.

Weapons and Equipment

One light Machine Gun 34
One 5.2cm Russian Mortar
Two light Machine Gun 34’s with one twin mount [for Machine Guns]
One 3.7cm French Puteaux gun mounted in a Renault FT 17 tank turret
One 7.5cm Anti-Tank gun casemated
Four defence flamethrowers
One 30cm infantry searchlight

Objective and Function (translated)

The Resistance Nest Archirondel has orders to prevent enemy landings in St Catherine’s Bay. Air landings in the proximity are to be engaged in fighting by counter attack. The Resistance Nest Archirondel engaged in fighting from the sea in St Catherine’s Bay against first and proximity middle removal. Work closely together with Strongpoint Victoria Tower and Resistance Nest Mole Verclut.

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