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STP Greve de Lecq

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Grève de Lecq Bay was a German strongpoint during the Occupation. The German Forces deployed a lot of armaments and bunkers in the area. Today you can still find a Type 670 and a Type 680 Casemate, which housed a 7.5cm Pak 40 Gun and a 10.5cm French Gun. The Harbour has scars of where the Germans installed a tank turret. You can also find traces of rails used to move the searchlight. Near the cafe remains of a latrine and sink block can be found. In the middle of the bay a Jersey Round Tower dominates the view, this Napoleonic era tower was also modified by the Germans to include a secure bunker at the base, and a roof-mounted machine gun.


4 x NCO, 30 x Men

German Record Details

3 x MG
1 x 10.5cm Kasemattenkanone
1x 7.5cm Pak 40 i/Schartenstand
1x 3.7cm Pak 36
1x Kw.K 3.7cm Mit MG 311(f) i.PZ.Dr.T
1x Flammenwerfer Mittl
1x Zwillingssockel & 2x MG34
1x Signalwerfer
1x 60cm Schinwerfer
1x40cm Schinwerfer
1x 30cm Schinwerfer

Weapons and Equipment

Three Machine Guns
One 10.5cm K 331 (f) in a Type 670 casemate
One 7.5cm Pak 40 in a Type 680 casemate
One 3.7 Pak in a Covered position
One 3.7 KwK 144 (f) with co-axial MG 311 (f) machine gun in a APX-R Turret
One 20cm Spigot Mortar
Two 5cm Mortar
Twin mounted mg 34 for Anti-Aircraft defence
One medium flame thrower
30cm Searchlights
40cm Searchlights
60cm Searchlights

Objective and Function (translated)

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