STP Etacquerel


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Jaegerstand SK Type casemate incorporating a 6-loopholed turret. Type 670 casemate connected to a tunnel system and a SK searchlight shelter. 2 X Siegfried shelters for eavy machine gun/mortar crews. Tobruk for APX-R turret. Also a small emplacement for the twin MG34.


German Record Details

Weapons and Equipment

2 x 10,5 cm K331 (f), 2 x sMG34 (Sechssharter), 2 x sMG34, 2 x 5cm Fest.Grw.210 (f), 1 x 3,7cm KwK 144 (f) with MG 311 (f) and 1 x Zwillingssockel.

Objective and Function (translated)

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