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STP Doktor Haus

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Strongpoint Doktor haus was a WW2 German HQ for the third company machine gun battalion 16. It had a sechsschartenturm (six loophole turret) which is a non-rotating turret made of steel (12 inches thick). It was installed in 1944 and emplaced on a non-standard reinforced bunker. The very rare photos of inside the bunker were provided by great contributor & friend to the site, thank you!

Jersey had 9 sechsschartenturm on the island but only two remain, STP Doktor Haus (Private) & WN La Mare Mill (opened and maintained by the CIOS). Set in the cement above the HQ bunker entrance is "GESTEINBOHR Kp 77" meaning Rock Drilling Company 77. This site is on private property and permission must be given before visiting.


German Record Details

2 x 7.5cm 1eIG 18
2 x s.MG34
2 x s.MG08
1 x 5cm Grenatwerfer36

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