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WN Sorel B

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The Resistance Nest Sorel B forms together with Resistance Sorel A the Strongpoint Sorel


Three Senior NCOs, four NCOs and twenty-seven Other Ranks

German Record Details

2 x le.MG 34
1 x s.MG 34
2 x 5cm Gr.W. 210 (f)
1 x 20cm Landungswerfer
1 x 3,7cm KwK 144 (f)
1 x 10,5cm Kanone 331 (f)
2 x Abw.Flammenwerfer 42
6 x Alarmschussgeräte HS
1 x 40cm Handscheinwerfer.

Weapons and Equipment

Two light Machine Gun 34’s
One heavy Machine Gun 34
Two 5cm French mortars
One 20cm spigot mortar
One 3.7cm French Puteaux gun mounted in a Renault FT 17 tank turret
One 10.5cm French gun
Two defence flamethrowers
Six alarm flare apparatus
One 40cm hand searchlight

Objective and Function (translated)

The Resistance Nest Sorel B has orders to prevent enemy landings from the sea at Ronez Point, La Houle Bay and Grève de Lecq Bay working in co-operation with Sorel A and the Machine Gun Battalion in the neighbouring western Strongpoint. At the same time defend the signalling position and lighthouses at Sorel Point. Enemy insurgents are to be destroyed and enemy air landings from counter-attack positions. By enemy land attack from Ronez Point and La Houle Bay Sorel B fights in co-operation with Sorel A. Enemy attacking from the land in the western coastal line Platoon Sectors Sorel and Grève de Lecq Bay, Sorel B fights landing opponents with machine guns, mortar fire and the 10.5cm gun.

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