WN Rozel Fort


The Resistance Nest Rozel Fort dominates Height 176 lying between Rozel Harbour and Strongpoint Bouley


NCOs and twenty-one Other Ranks

German Record Details

1 x le.MG 34
1 x 8cm Gr.W.
2 x le.MG 34
1 x s.MG 34
1 x Zwillingssockel
1 x le.MG 311 (f) im Panzer-Drehturm
2 x 5cm Gr.W
1 x 3,7cm Pak
1 x 10,5cm Kanone
1 x mittl.Flammenwerfer
1 x 30cm Inf.Scheinwerfer
1 x 40cm Hand schneinwerfer
1 x 60cm Inf.-Scheinwerfer
3 x Alarmschussgerät
1 x Blinkgerät
1 x Scherenfernrohr

Weapons and Equipment

One light Machine Gun 34 One 8cm mortar
Two light Machine Gun 34’s One heavy Machine Gun 34 One twin Machine Gun mount
One light French 311
Machine Gun mounted in a Renault FT 17 tank turret
Two 5cm mortars
One 3.7cm Anti-Tank gun One 10.5cm gun
One flamethrower
One 30cm Infantry searchlight
One 40 cm hand searchlight One 60cm Infantry searchlight
Three flare apparatus
One signalling apparatus
One binocular periscope

Objective and Function (translated)

The Resistance Nest Rozel Fort has orders to defend Rozel and Sauchet Bays with the prepared positions on both sides of the promontory against every enemy attack from the sea, land and air. By air landings in the immediate proximity engage in fighting

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