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WN Mole Verclut

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Situated at St Catherine's Breakwater WN Mole Verlut was a substantial stronghold for the Germans. There were two heavy machine gun bunkers, many shelters, anti-tank defences a Type 670 casemate bunker for a 10.5cm gun, and a tunnel.

At the museum store there is a model of what they could have built with multiple rooms and fortifications (picture above). Tours of the tunnel, now the Turbot Farm, are available Sundays during warmer months and they are well worth a visit!

If you visit it also worth seeing the anti-tank defences found On the path from St Catherine's to Fliquet, about halfway up the hill. These are railway tracks were driven into the ground and have remained here since 1943. Below the gallery is a map showing the various positions.

The Resistance Nest Mole Verclut lies between the Resistance Nests La Perelle I and Fliquet on the land side of the base of the breakwater


Four NCOs and twenty-two Other Ranks

German Record Details

2 x le.MG 34
1 x s.MG 34
1 x 8cm Gr.W
2 x 5cm Gr.W. (f)
1 x 10,5cm Kanone
7 x Abwehrflammenwerfer 42 1 x 60cm Scheinwerfer

Weapons and Equipment

Two light Machine Gun 34’s, One heavy Machine Gun 34 One 8cm mortar
Two 5cm French mortars
One 10.5cm French gun Seven defence Flamethrowers
One 60cm searchlight

Objective and Function (translated)

The Resistance Nest Mole Verclut has orders to prevent enemy landings on the breakwater in St Catherine’s Bay and in Fliquet Bay. Enemy attack from land to immediately engage in fighting. Work in co-operation with Archirondel Tower, La Perelle I and II and Resistance Nest Fliquet

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