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WN La Motte B

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The Resistance Nest La Motte B together with Resistance Nest La Motte A forms “Strongpoint La Motte”. It lies between the Resistance Nest La Motte B and the Operational Position Le Hocq


One officer, three NCOs and twenty-one Other Ranks

German Record Details

1 x le.MG 34
1 x s.MG 34
1 x MG 311 (f) i.Pz.Dr.T.
2 x 10,5cm Kan. 331 (f) auf Pivot
1 x 40 cm Scheinwerfer
1 x 60cm Scheinwerfer

Weapons and Equipment

One light Machine Gun 34 (also heavy machine gun mount)
One heavy Machine Gun 34
One French 311 Machine Gun mounted in a Renault FT 17 tank turret
Two 10.5cm French guns mounted in open positions on pivots
One 40cm searchlight
One 60cm searchlight

Objective and Function (translated)

The Resistance Nest La Motte B has orders to defend St Clement’s Bay with the west section main-base from enemy attack from the sea, land and air. The enemy is to be destroyed in the main fighting zone
By attack against St Clement’s Bay work in co-operation with Resistance Nest La Motte A on the right, with Operational Position Le Hocq on the left (when occupied) and Resistance Nest La Rocque A).

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