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Batterie Roon

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6/HKAR 1265
4 x 22cm K532 (f) field guns (13.6 mile range)

Operational on the 12 December 1941.

On 19 August 1944, the batterie fired at the Royal Navy warship HMS Onslaught, which was attacking a German convoy close to Jersey. During the battle, one of the guns experienced an in-breech explosion which killed one German and injured several others. This breached gun is now found at Batterie Moltke.


144 Personnel

German Record Details

Weapons and Equipment

4 x 22cm K532 (f) field guns
1 x FT17 static tank turret
2 x sMG34
3 x leMG34
1 x 5cm Mortar
14 x Static flamethrowers
2 x 150cm Searchlights

Objective and Function (translated)

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