To help crowdfund our research and ongoing maintenance of WW2 sites in Jersey, we offer you the chance to come with us and explore bunkers, tunnels and towers. We also aim to keep the allied forces and local stories alive and passed on to a new generation. If you're interested in supporting us and exploring the WW2 history of Jersey, we can offer you some fantastic experiences.

JWT experiences and tours are now restricted to private bubbles meaning it is just yourself and your group with us. 

The opening of any of our sites will be by private booking only, with allocated time slots to ensure COVID cleaning measures are in place before the next booking arrives.   

If your looking to redeem a voucher please email us with the details info@jerseywartours.com  

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The Invasion of Jersey

Just how did this British Island become Occupied by Nazi lead forces in WW2? 

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Occupation Stories 

This is a page dedicated to the stories and people of the Occupation, we update it regularly.

M3 German Observation Bunker #ww2 #wwii

Bunker Tours

Join us on a bunker tour and visit sites not open to the public and have an experience you will not forget. 


Seafaris WW2 Tour

Explore Jersey's spectacular North or South Coast on a Seafari RIB with your very own Jersey War Tour Guide


Our Projects 

The tours fund a series of projects that are ongoing from the preservation of bunkers to documenting stories. 


Bunker Database 

This is a database of sites on Jersey with as much info as we have on them. Feel free to submit more facts and photos and we can share them with everyone

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Both interactive and WW2 maps are available for download to help your research and aid your exploration of our little island



Once Covid is under control we will be opening up the volunteering scheme for research and maintenance at our sites. 

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Jersey War Tours is Registered with the Jersey Financial Services Commission as a Non-Profit Organisation - NPO1207

All tours need to be booked online, and please book early to avoid disappointment!  

Why Choose us? There is no better way to learn about the Occupation during the second world war than with Phil and Kimberley. They set up Jersey War Tours in 2013, and it is the only Non-Profit Organisation offering military tours in Jersey. They receive no government or heritage funding and all the profits made from their tours gets reinvested back into WW2 research, preservation, education and archaeology. Phil and Kimberley are very passionate about sharing their work and providing you with an experience that you will never forget.

If you have any questions, please contact Phil or Kimberley 
Email: info@jerseywartours.com 

Please remember we have no full-time staff, & this is a non-profit

research organisation, replies may take some time.

 All bookings must be made online.

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