WN Fliquet

Fliquet Tower was constructed before 1790’s and is believed to have been constructed to the same design as St Catherine Tower. At some point, the mâchicoulis were removed reducing the height of the tower.  During the Occupation, the Germans modified the area including the tower. They made use of a telephone cable running ashore from France which had not been destroyed when the English forces evacuated. This cable connection was a vital telephone link to France for the Germans, well until the American forces took control of the French cost and destroyed the link in late August 44. 


Information from the German records 

Location: The Resistance Nest Fliquet lies in the middle of Fliquet Bay between Resistance Nest Mole Verclut and Strongpoint Rozel

Unit’s Weapons: One light Machine Gun 34, one heavy Machine Gun 34 and one 5cm Russian mortar

Static Weapons: One 10.5cm French gun, one 40cm hand searchlight and one flare apparatus

Battle Orders: The Resistance Nest Fliquet has orders to prevent enemy landings in Fliquet Bay, especially enemy attack against the Cable House. Against air landings in the proximity immediately engage in fighting

Battle Command: By attempted enemy landings in the Fliquet Bay engage in fighting and work in co-operation against landings with Mole Verclut



1940 Map of WN Fliquet

1941 Map of WN Fliquet

1942 Map of WN Fliquet

1943 Map of WN Fliquet

1944 SHAEF Map

Canon de 105 mle 1913 Schneider



  • Captured French Gun designated K331(f) 

  • Type: field gun 

  • Crew: 1 NCO + 6 men 

  • Caliber: 105 mm 

  • Barrel length: L/27 (L/22.4 rifling) 

  • Weight in action: 2,350 kg 

  • Elevation: -5° to +37° 

  • Traverse: 6° 

  • Ready to fire in 5 minutes 

  • Rate of fire: 6-8 rpm 

  • Maximum range: 11,800 m (7miles)

Heavy MG34


  • Cartridge7.92×57mm Mauser

  • ActionOpen bolt, Recoil-operated, Rotating bolt

  • Rate of fire 800 -1,700 rounds/min.

  • Muzzle velocity765 m/s (2,510 ft/s) (s.S. Patrone)

  • Effective firing range 200–2,000 m (219–2,187 yd) sight adjustments
    3,500 m (3,828 
    yd) with tripod and telescopic sight

  • Maximum firing range4,700 m (5,140 yd)

  • Feed system50/250-round belts, 50-round drum, or 75-round drum magazine with modification

Modifications to the British Round Tower

5 cm Granatwerfer 205/1(r) Mortar

  • Calibre: 50 (1.97 in) 

  • Barrel length: 780 mm (30.7 in) 

  • Bore length: 553 mm (21.77 in) 

  • Weight in action: 12.1 kg (26.6 lb) 

  • Elevation (fixed): 45 to 75 degrees plus 82 deghrees on some models 

  • Traverse: 6 degrees 

  • Muzzle velocity (max): 96 m/sec (315 ft/sec) 

  • Maximum range (45 degrees): 800 m (875 yds) 

  • Maximum range (75 degrees): 402 m (440 yds) 

  • Maximum range (82 degrees): 100 m (109 yds) 

  • Bomb weight: 0.85 kg (1.875 lb) 

A video of WN Fliquet 

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