2019 Tour Sites 

Below is a list of all of the sites we have interior access to in 2019 - To select your own route you can book us for a private tour 

Please note we can not visit all of these sites in one tour, and due to ongoing maintenance some of these sites may be unavailable during the year.

MP 1 Naval Artillery Direction and Range-finding Tower

MP 3 Naval Artillery Direction and Range-finding Tower

FL242 Anti-Aircraft Bunker

Batterie Moltke

Gun No.4

WN La Mare Mill Sechsschartentürm Heavy Machine-Gun Turret Bunker

WN La Carriere 10.5cm Jägerstand Bunker

Strongpoint Corbiere M19 Automatic Fortress Mortar Bunker

Strongpoint Corbiere Type 634 Sechsschartentürm (6-loopholed turret) bunker

Strongpoint Corbiere K2 10.5cm Jägerstand Bunker

Strongpoint Greve de Lecq

Strongpoint Plemont M3 Army Observation Bunker

WN High Tower Type 514 Infantry Bunker

Batterie Lothringen

M-132 Underground Command Bunker

WN Millbrook Type 631b 4.7cm Anti-Tank Gun Casemate

Type 609sk Infantry Battalion Commander's Bunker (Kernwerk)


Strongpoint Victoria Tower

Le Don Hilton & Pak Garage

M5 Army Observation Bunker / Cold war monitoring site. 

Le Câtel Fort

Portelet Magazine and Battery

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