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The Road to Liberation - 1st January 1941

Good morning everyone

Thank you for the support and I look forward to sharing the stories from 80 years ago with you all in 2021.

Have a fantastic Day!




Above and below is Batterie Longues (Wn 48), Longues-sur-Mer, Normandy. I was asked where I wanted to spend New Year's Eve if we had no COVID, and I said it would have been visiting the sites in Normandy close to Port-en-Bessin-Huppain. Batterie Longues was almost complete on d-day however the Fire Control Post (3d scan below) was completed but not operational due to substantial bombing and missing equipment. Though operational on d-day, it was not operating correctly but still needed to be silenced. By the 7th the Battery was under the control of C Company of the 2nd Devonshire Regiment. Those visiting the Battery should note the bunker with the most destruction was actually caused after d-day. The area behind the Guns became an Allied landing strip and the bunkers housed munitions for the British Anti-Aircraft guns. An unfortunate accident caused the ammunition to explode causing the collapse. Enjoy the 3d digital walk through below.


Occupation Focus

80 years ago today 1st of January 1941

Today would be the 185th day of the Islands Occupation with 1,589 days remaining.

" New Years Day. Germans entertain a hundred children at the Continental Hotel. More areas of Grouville Common are now mined. "

Leslie Sinel

Civilian working at the Evening Post (EP)


Further afield

1st of January 1941

Squadron 301 Polish Bomber Squadron

Following a raid on Bremen Germany on the night of 1 January 1941, 301 squadrons were shaken when bad weather and poor visibility resulted in the loss of 3 of their aircraft and airmen when the planes crashed while attempting to come down through a snowstorm at RAF Waddington.

The below Polish Air Force lost the lives 80 years ago today








The December book recommendation is "The Americans on D-Day."

This book has 450 dramatic photographs captured in northern France during the first day and week of its liberation and is available on kindle! Click the photo to find out more. It also would make a fantastic Christmas Present.

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