Operation Dryad

This was a British special forces raid by 12 men of the Small Scale Raiding Force (No. 62 Commando) on the lighthouse at Les Casquets, 7 miles (11.25 km) to the west of the island of Alderney in the German-occupied Channel Islands, with the object of capturing German soldiers for interrogation (2/3 September 1942).

Because of its relatively small size, which made detection by radar difficult, the SSRF used MTB-344, which had a crew of eight and was armed with two machine guns on each side of the bridge and single guns abaft the crew’s quarters. The motor torpedo boat’s crew lowered an 18-ft (5.5-m) boat that then carried Major Gus March-Phillipps’s raiding party to the rocks beneath the lighthouse, which the Germans were using as a radio intercept station. The raiders captured seven prisoners (lighthouse keepers, radio operator and guards) for carriage back to the UK, and also seized several German code books for analysis.