Hohlgangsanlage Tunnels

"Hohlgangsanlage" are a number of tunnels complexes constructed by the German forces using slave and forced labour during the Occupation. The tunnels would have had multiple roles from munitions storage, troop & equipment shelter, hospitals and many other functions.

Ho1 Munitions store Incomplete
Ho2 Ration store Incomplete

Ho3 Munitions store Incomplete

Ho4 Munitions store Incomplete
Ho5 Fuel store Complete 




Ho6 Personnel shelter location unknown 
Ho7 Exploratory work only
Ho8 Artillery quarters Incomplete
Ho9 Planning stage only
Ho10 Ration store Incomplete
Ho11 Personnel shelter Planning stage
Ho12 Fuel store 
Ho13 Munition store Incomplete.
Ho14 Fuel store Planning stage only
Ho15 Store Incomplete
Ho16 Personnel Shelter Incomplete 
Ho17 No Details Known
Ho18 Hospital Planning Stage Only
Ho19 Electricity works Incomplete
Ho20 Tunnel Incomplete






Ho21 Stores Planning Stage
Ho22 Stores Planning Stage
Ho23 Personnel Shelter Planning Stage
Ho24 & 25 Planning Stage
Ho Etacquerel complete 
Ho Mole Verclut incomplete 


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