Greve de Lecq Tower


In July 2017 we took over the long-term lease of Grève De Lecq. The tower is the only one of Conway's towers to be built on the north coast. It was built in the late 1770s. It stands some 100 metres inland and was substantially altered during the German Occupation. Our aim is to get it back into a good state and provided some TLC it greatly needs. We will update this page with the progress and finds.



The STP Greve de Lecq lies between the WN Jute and the STP Plemont


Strength of Crew 
4 x NCO 
30 x Men


Troops Weapons 
3 x MG 


Static Weapons 
1 x 10.5cm Kasemattenkanone 
1x 7.5cm Pak 40 i/Schartenstand 
1x 3.7cm Pak 36
1x Kw.K 3.7cm Mit MG 311(f) i.PZ.Dr.T
1x Flammenwerfer Mittl 
1x Zwillingssockel & 2x MG34  
1x Signalwerfer 
1x 60cm Schinwerfer
1x40cm Schinwerfer
1x 30cm Schinwerfer