£30per person


Eveingings 19:00 - 22:00

Daytime 09:00 - 12:00


Available Evenings and some weekends - Bookings only accepted online - Book early to avoid disappointment



There will be no cash refund for any changes or cancellation due to COVID, Travel restrictions or cancellations by third parties (your airline). However, we will, providing you give us notice, provide vouchers too book again valid up to 3 years. 

We are a non-profit and all tours fund the research we do. We don't have a team of staff we are volunteers, we will get back to you soonest. You will have to wear a mask when in our van between sites (no exceptions) and Hand sanitising will happen frequently, we will obviously keep as much distance as possible between you and fellow guests but some bunkers are small. If this is an issue please consider coming on a tour after COVID restrictions have been lifted.   


See Jersey's military heritage in a new light and help to support a non-profit organisation! Evening tours of bunkers offer an unforgettable atmosphere when exploring. We will visit sites not open to the public as well as places not visited by any of the commercial tour routes. Become a temporary member of the team and see how Jersey was made into an impregnable fortress! 


Where do you go?

On our tours, will aim to visit 3 to 4 fortifications, depending on how much you interact with them. Transport between these sites is a free shuttle service we offer. During the tours, we will use digital media to help explain the Occupation story and you can handle WWII weaponry, mines and artefacts (all safe). 


Why Choose us?

There is no better way to learn about the Occupation during the second world war than with Jersey War Tours. JWT is the only Non-Profit Organisation offering military tours in Jersey. The profit JWT makes gets reinvested back into WW2 research, preservation, education and archaeology. We are not commercial tour guides so are passionate about sharing our history and providing you with an experience that you will never forget. Excellent feedback, please see our TripAdvisor reviews, well apart from a few people who did not book early enough to get on the tour. Please book early to avoid disappointment.  


Jersey's Weather 

We want you to have a fantastic experience so please bear in mind when preparing for your tour, Jerseys weather can be unpredictable in Jersey so dress in layers There is a moderate amount of walking involved so please wear comfortable shoes. The tour will be run no matter the weather so please make sure you are dressed appropriately 


What to wear and bring? 

We recommend having a coat and dress for the season

Bunkers are usually 13°C /55°F so in the summer they feel cold and in the winter quite warm

Walking boots, sensible trainers or comfortable walking shoes. Do not wear sandals or flip-flops

Some bunkers are damp, and trails to them can be muddy

Water or a drink, snacks, sunscreen (summer time) and photography is allowed

We have plenty of torches, but feel free to bring your own


How physically fit should I be to join a tour? 

You don’t need to be an athlete nor do you have to have previous experience in exploring bunkers, but you must be physically fit and able to walk unaided on rough and uneven terrain, especially at night. There are trip hazards, low doorways and many ways to injure yourself and you enter all sites at your own risk. There will also be ladders and steep steps to contend with, sometimes in low light situations.  


Who should not participate in our tours? 

People with a history of cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases or any pre-existing conditions not compatible with physical activities.  

Anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs, exploring bunkers can be dangerous, so we need you at your best

Anybody that suffers from dizzy spells or have any concerns that they could faint 


Pick up and drop off

All tours start from the steam clock in town (click here for location), and we recommend you be there early and it is possible that we would return slightly earlier or later than scheduled. Please contact us if we can assist you in any way.


Late arrivals

We cannot wait for late arrivals as this creates difficulties for other customers. Allow time to park especially at weekends. Arrive at least 15 minutes before the start. 

If you are late you will be treated as a no show. Payments will not be refunded.

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