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STP Elizabeth Castle

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During the Occupation Elizabeth Castle was set up as two Widerstandsnest (pockets of resistance) working together to create a Stützpunkt (strongpoint). Though it appears that the castle had German defence activity in mid-1941. The fortress strength bunker construction works started around April 1943.


Widerstandsnest North
1 x NCOs & 13 Other Ranks 6th Infantry Regiment 582 Widerstandsnest South
2 x NCOs & 14 Other Ranks 6th Infantry Regiment 582 Anti-Aircraft
5x NCOs & 16 other Ranks IV./7.Gemflakabt

German Record Details

2 x 10.5cm K 331 (f)
4.7cm Pak K36 (t) with MG 37(t)
3.7cm KwK. 144 (f) with MG311 (f) Panzerabwehrkanone 36 (Pak 36 3.7cm) 3 x 60cm Searchlight
90cm Searchlight named “Anton”
3 x 2cm Flak 38
2 x sMG34
5 x leMG34

Weapons and Equipment

Objective and Function (translated)

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