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STP Elizabeth Castle

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During the Occupation Elizabeth Castle was set up as two Widerstandsnest (pockets of resistance) working together to create a Stützpunkt (strongpoint). Though it appears that the castle had German defence activity in mid-1941. The fortress strength bunker construction works started around April 1943.


Widerstandsnest North
1 x NCOs & 13 Other Ranks 6th Infantry Regiment 582 Widerstandsnest South
2 x NCOs & 14 Other Ranks 6th Infantry Regiment 582 Anti-Aircraft
5x NCOs & 16 other Ranks IV./7.Gemflakabt

German Record Details

2 x 10.5cm K 331 (f)
4.7cm Pak K36 (t) with MG 37(t)
3.7cm KwK. 144 (f) with MG311 (f) Panzerabwehrkanone 36 (Pak 36 3.7cm) 3 x 60cm Searchlight
90cm Searchlight named “Anton”
3 x 2cm Flak 38
2 x sMG34
5 x leMG34

Weapons and Equipment

Objective and Function (translated)

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Exploring bunkers:

• Always get permission from the owner 
• Take a torch, a spare and one more for luck
• Don't go alone & tell someone where you will be and for how long
• You will get dirty as most are often full of rubbish and may have been used as a public toilet
• Anything you find still belongs to the person that owns the property
• Unexploded ordnance is still found in Jersey if you see or find anything that looks like ordnance please call the bomb disposal officer on 01534 612 612.

Jargon Help 

Widerstandsnest (WN) = Resistance Nest (RN) 
Small pocket of resistance, these would be made up of small groups of up to 10 men with light weapons. They would man Anti-tank weapons, an observation post or a field gun. 

Stützpunkt St.P = Strongpoint (STP)
Next level up from an RN and consisted of several RN's. STP areas would have a combination of weapons and different branches of the military used. Examples of this can be found with Strongpoint Greve de Lecq and Strongpoint Corbiere

Einsatzstellung = Operational Position or Action Post 
Smaller MG type position generally it was only maned during an alert 

Feldwache = Field Watch

Jäger Casemate was a special design and name for bunkers designed to hold a 10.5cm field gun

Sources of Information 

German Documents are housed at The National Archived in Washington or Archive in Kew UK 
T-78 Roll 318
T-78 Roll 317
T-315 Roll 1639
T-315 Roll 1643
T-311 Roll 27
T-312 Roll 1545

AOK 7 War Diary

OKW War Diary

Operation Green Arrow - Occupation of the Channel Islands MOD 584
Allied Technical Intelligence Reports 1944-45 
German Preparations for Invasion of the United Kingdom 1941-42
B-833, 319th Infantry Division (1941-45)