WN Verclut


Resistance Nest Verclut, Company Command Post, is a second line fighting installation. Neighbouring left is Operational Position Woodlands, behind the firing position of 13./H.K.A.R. 1265.

Troop Numbers 

Three NCOs and seventeen Other Ranks. Reserve: two officers, five NCOs and twenty-four Other Ranks from 13./HAKR 1265 Batterie Schlieffen

Troop Weapons 

2 x 8cm Gr.W.34.

Static Weapons and Equipment

1 x s.MG 34, 2 x le.Lad.Werfer, 1 x 4,7cm Pak 36 (t) mit MG gekoppelt, 1 x 40 cm Scheinwerfer.

Battle Orders & Commands 

The Resistance Nest Verclut has orders to work in co-operation with Strongpoint La Rocque to defend against attacks from the sea, land and air and in the intervening area the enemy is to be destroyed by fire).

By penetration in the intervening area or through enemy air landings work together with Operational Position Woodlands and the 13 Army Coastal Artillery Regiment 1265, with the latter as well as the Resistance Nest under attack or the Battery firing position).

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