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WN Steps Punkt 43

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Forming part of "Unterabschnitt Ouens Bay Mitte" (Defensive Sub-Sector Middle of St. Ouen's Bay,) and manned by troops of the 1st Company of Machine Gun Battalion 16

As there were no pre-war landmarks on the 1933 Ordinance Survey maps, the Resistance nest takes its name from the only thing shown at this point which is "Steps" (onto the beach) and a nearby height point (43 feet)


Four NCOs sixteen other ranks

German Record Details

Weapons and Equipment

1 x Heavy MG34 machine gun
1 x 5cm Le.Gr.W.36 light mortar
2 x Heavy MG34 machine guns mounted in a 6-Sch./WaKoFest Type Sechsschartentürm bunker (6-Loopholed heavy machine gun turret bunker);
1 x Heavy MG34 machine gun
1 x 10,5 cm K 331 (f) coastal defence gun mounted in a Jaegerstand Type casemate
1 x 60cm Searchlight housed in a Type 606 Searchlight shelter

Objective and Function (translated)

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