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WN La Perelle I

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The Resistance Nests La Perelle I and II lie between the Resistance Nests Mole Verclut and Archirondel Tower in the Second Line with Heights 240 and 231


Five NCOs and twenty-four Other Ranks (Split between La Parelle I and II)

German Record Details

2 x s.MG 34
1 x 20cm Ladungswerfer

Weapons and Equipment

Two light Machine Gun 34’s
One 20cm spigot mortar

Objective and Function (translated)

The Resistance Nest La Perelle I and II have orders to defend St Catherine’s Bay and the height west of the bay against every enemy. By enemy landings in St Catherine’s Bay fight with the Resistance Nests La Perelle I and II the enemy adjacent to La Perelle I with anti-tank gun and heavy machine gun, evtl. Enemy landings in La Perrelle I and II with mortars and heavy machine gun. Work in co-operation with Resistance Archirondel Tower and Resistance Mole Verclut and defend against attack from sea and air. Air landings against the proximity are to be engaged in fighting through immediate counter attack

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