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WN La Motte A

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Abschnitt Ost (East Sector)
III/Infantry Regiment 582, Gefechtsstand (Command Post) La Hougue Bie, Grouville

The Resistance Nest La Motte A together with Resistance Nest La Motte B forms “Strongpoint La Motte”. It lies between the Anti-Aircraft Platoon I./11./364 Grève d’Azette (long line) and the Resistance Nest La Motte B


Two NCOs and seven Other Ranks

German Record Details

1 x le.MG 34 (als s.MG eingesetzt)
1 x s.MG 34
1 x 5cm KwK auf Pivot
1 x 40 cm Scheinwerfer

Weapons and Equipment

One light Machine Gun 34 (also heavy machine gun mount)
One light Machine Gun 34
One 5cm emplaced tank gun
One 40cm searchlight

Objective and Function (translated)

The Resistance Nest La Motte A has orders to defend the coast “long line” and west section of St Clerment’s Bay from enemy attack from the sea, land and air. The enemy is to be destroyed by counter attack

In attack against the coast "Long Line" cooperation with the W.N. Grande Charriére and anti-aircraft I./II.364.
When trying to land in the western part of St Clement’s Bay, cooperation with the W.N. La Motte B

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