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WN Hohe 212

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The Resistance Nest 212, also the Company Command Post, is a Second Line Resistance Nest, lies between Resistance Nest 190 and 6./AR 319 Batterie Brauchitsch


One NCO and ten Other Ranks

German Record Details

2 x le.MG 34 (als s.MG eingesetzt)
2 x 20cm le.Lad.Werfer

Weapons and Equipment

Two light Machine Gun 34’s (also with heavy Machine Gun mounts)
Two 20cm spigot mortars

Objective and Function (translated)

The Resistance Nest 212 has orders with Resistance Nests Fort Henry and Gorey Harbour to defend the north section of Grouville Bay. In the event of all attacks work in co-operation with Resistance Nest 190 and the 6/AR 319 against attempts at landing through fire from command positions. Enemy penetrating the intervening area are to be destroyed by fire. Defend from land and air attacks.The Resistance Nest is to destroy the enemy.

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