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WN Carriere

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Located at La Carriere in St Ouen's Bay.

The information below is early and this position would have had much more equipment.


Three NCO's and Twelve other ranks

German Record Details

4.7cm Pak (t) mit MG37 (t)
10.5cm Kanone 331 (f)
60 cm Scheinwerfer

Weapons and Equipment

4.7cm Anti-Tank Gun with mounted Machine Gun (Casemated)
10.5cm French gun (Casemated)
60cm searchlight

Objective and Function (translated)

In place to protect the bay you will find the following bunkers here:
631 Anti-Tank Type Bunker
Type 606 searchlight Bunker
Jägerstand Type Bunker for a 10.5cm K 311(f)
3 Ringstands
Type 150 Fortress Strength Personnel Shelter (buried)
Type 646 Water Pumping Bunker (buried)

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