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WN Bonne Nuit Hafen

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The Resistance Nest Bonne Nuit Harbour lies between Resistance Nest Bonne Nuit Fort and Strongpoint Sorel


One NCO and six Other Ranks

German Record Details

1 x le.MG 34
3 x Abw.Flammenwerf
42, 1 x 3,7cm KwK (f) im Pz. – Drehturm
1 x 30cm Scheinwerfer

Weapons and Equipment

One light Machine Gun 34
Three defence flamethrowers
One 3.7cm French Puteaux gun mounted in a Renault FT 17 tank turret
One 30cm searchlight

Objective and Function (translated)

The Resistance Nest Bonne Nuit Harbour has orders to protect Bonne Nuit Bay against landings from the sea, land and air. Approaching attacking enemy is to be destroyed. By attack from the sea work together with Bonne Nuit Fort, by attack from the land side work together with Resistance Nest Jasmin.

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