WN Albert Pier


The German Occupation of Jersey began one week after the British government had demilitarised the island fearing for the safety of civilians should there be any conflict. The codename for this was “Operation Green Arrow” and the initial German Air Force reconnaissance flights mistake civilian farming lorries for troop carriers. On the 28th of June 1940 , the German Air Force, not knowing of the demilitarisation, bomb and machine gun multiple sites on the island. The attacks killed ten people and wound many more. A few days later on the 1 of July 1940 General Richthofen, The Commander of the German Air Forces in Normandy, dropped an ultimatum from the air demanding the immediate surrender of the island. Below are photos of the scars remaining from the attack at Jersey harbour.


6 NCOs twenty one other ranks

German Record Details

leMG 311(f), leMG 15, two 9mm MP40's, 19x 98k Karabiner

Weapons and Equipment

One 3.7 Pak 35/36, 3x 2cm Flak 38, 60cm Searchlight

Objective and Function (translated)

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