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STP Butts

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We are still trying to find a map showing it as a strongpoint, but looking at its build-up from 42-45 there is a lot going on. This is also one of the sites on the 10th of June 1944 to be attacked and bombed by the RAF. The BBC reported that the Radio Location Station of St Ouen was put out of Action. No evidence of that but clear evidence of craters in various areas up there some often confused wit German earthworks.

"Another hectic night: Allied planes have been passing to and fro since midnight, with accompanying sounds of bombing. The Germans apparently have decided not to fire on planes unless they are flying low, for there is an absence of A.A. fire. About 6.30 a.m. three patrol boats out of a group of six which were lying outside the harbour were attacked by Allied planes and one was damaged by machine-gun fire; the boats managed to get back into the harbour. Steam pipes on one of them were damaged, and it was learned there were some twenty casualties. There is not much in the harbour to-day apart from these vessels and a few barges; every time there is an alarm—which in these days is very frequent—the dockers are sent home. Late in the morning a couple of bombs were dropped at Les Landes and soldiers were machine-gunned, while casualties resulted from two gun emplacements being hit. Later, the B.B.C. announced that a radio location station had been attacked. The heavy bombing was heard from the French coast in the evening. The telephone service has been restored for the essential services, certain States officials and doctors. The Germans are still placing machine-gun posts all over the Island, and some are continually being moved from place to place."
Diary of Lesley Sinel
10th of June 1944


German Record Details

Weapons and Equipment

Two x FL242 Bunkers with 2cm Oerlikon Flak 29 guns

Freya Radar

Fu.M.O West (Naval Surface Search - Land Based ) *
Marine Peilstand 3 (MP-3 Tower) with Seetackt Radar
Generator Bunker for tower

M2 Army Observation Bunker

*Fu.M.O = Funkmess-Ortung (Radio-direction finder)

Objective and Function (translated)

Protection of Fu.M.O West Radar Station

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