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"Hohlgangsanlage" are a number of tunnel complexes constructed by the German forces using slave and forced labour during the Occupation. The tunnels would have had multiple roles from munitions storage, troop & equipment shelter, hospitals and many other functions.

Hohlgangsanlage 2 or Ho2 was a built for a ration store but was incomplete. Ho2 is not accessible anymore as it is very dangerous. I share these photos so you don't put your self at risk and can view from the safety of your own home. Apart from the risk of constant rockfall, lack of air and death it is a privately owned site so its against the law to break in!. It is also now completely closed up with regular security checks as well as police patrols. On top of all of the above never forget two young islanders lost their lives exploring this tunnel. Any ww2 relics have been removed and the helmet photos add are from the Jersey museum store. So please don't try! you have been warned.


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